The Team!

It all started back in 2014 when the company was called Trilo Interactive. The vision was then to combine gamification, research and pedagogy as a basis for developing digital products in a modern age. The first step was for the company to create reading and writing apps for children aged 4-8. With over 500,000 downloads worldwide and many happy children (and proud parents) later, we realized how big of an impact we can have if we invest in the right values for the digital future. In 2015, we received an innovation award from the Swedish "Post and Telecommunications Board". The question was: How can we get more children and young people to move with the help of digital technology? That's when the Active Quiz idea was really founded. In 2017, we started testing the app on BETA users. Between 2019-2022, the focus has been on creating a stable customer base in municipalities, schools and companies. Since the beginning, we have had great help from the Innovatum Science Park in Trollhättan, where we continue to have our headquarters. In November 2022, ActiveQuiz - For Fun Walks was released, which for the team is considered to be the first proper product where the idea really took off.

Linus Lundberg
Andreas Malmqvist
Rickard Olsson
Erik Hjalmar Kylén
Anna Jäderström