THIS IS ActiveQuiz!

ActiveQuiz is the app that combines public education and public health. For a user, the concept can be described as a digital tip walk. You start a quiz walk in the app and set out to connect knowledge and exercise in the fresh air. For a quizmaster, ActiveQuiz can most easily be described as a powerful educational tool when you want to add movement to your knowledge.

Create your own questions or download premade quizzes

Publish and invite participants to your "QuizCode"

Take a walk and answer questions! You can walk wherever you are.


"Är du svag för frågesporter och behöver röra dig mer är Active Quiz en enkel och väl utförd app."

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Why ActiveQuiz?

  • Combine knowledge and motion

  • You can walk wherever you are

  • Create you own quizzes

  • +1000 ready-to-go quizzes

  • Digital & mobile learning

  • Feedback knowledge

  • Schedule walks and activities

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